World Passport For Global Managers

Concise, no-nonsense guide to executive etiquette
World Passport For Global Managers

Author: Walter Vieira
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061849
Code: 9384C
Pages: 168
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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World Passport is a concise guide to navigating successfully in the global village. Technical knowledge and managerial skills are essential. But they are not enough. You need a high order of human skills. And experts in international business admit that success in managing people in different continents and building relationships and trust, depends on Business Etiquette. It is therefore worth spending time and trouble to learn more about Business Etiquette. World Passport is only an introduction.
In April 2009, the Economist had an article, which made three points:
* Manners maketh the businessman.
* Rudeness is out, and civility is the new rule in an uncertain world.
* It is now all about charm and openness and taking time with people.

Walter Vieira dips into 40 years of experience as a global manager and management consultant, operating across four continents. This book is filled with first hand, personal experiences and written in Walter’s inimitable style – simple, lucid, direct and with a touch of humour.
A characteristic of his 10 other books.World Passport may motivate you to read more, observe more, and learn more, about the different ways in which people do things and how they are different from ours. And help you to behave appropriate in varied situations always with the theme – ‘show consideration for others’. Business Etiquette can then be connected to Business Success – especially on the global platform – because Manners maketh the businessman.

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About the Author(s)

WALTER VIEIRA, has spent 14 years as a corporate executive with leading multi-nationals; and 33 years as a management consultant working with multinationals, large Indian conglomerates, medium sized businesses; Central & State governments, NGOs and the social sector.He has pioneered marketing consultancy in India; and training and consultancy in cross-cultural issues in global marketing; as well as management of NGOs.


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Preface by William Thourlby

1. Is Etiquette Artificial and Outdated?
Be Yourself, Be Natural
Elements of Good Business Etiquette
Musings: Why National Culture Counts
Musings: Individual Behaviour Projects the Country’s Image
Musings: Some Norms are Universal

2. Learning by ‘See and Do Likewise’
Does this Always Work?
Musings: Segmenting and Communities
A Need for Behaving Appropriately
Musings: And There Are No Precedents

3. Personal Grooming
Our Biggest Obstacle is Our Own Ignorance
On Hair, Teeth and Fingers – The Danger Areas

4. A Sense of Dress – In Context and Appropriate
Business Wear: Style and Function
Musings: It’s Just Not Done
Musings: Looking Down and Up
What’s Right or Not Quite – For the Men
What’s Right or Not Quite – For the Women

5. Non-Verbal Communication
It Says More Than Words – Spoken or Written
Musings: Lack of Courtesy through Non-Verbal Communication
Musings: Again the Great Divide – Understanding Non-Verbal Communication
Musings: Corporate Indiscretion
The Non-Verbal Message

6. Verbal Communication
Tell Enough, Just Enough
A Common Wavelength
Musings: Good Human Relations – Based on Empathy
Introductions – The Rules are Simple
The Visiting /Name Card
Understanding Paralinguistics Helps
Understand Other Cultures
Musings: Tune in to Tones

7. Use of the Telephone – Sometimes the Only Entry Point For Relationships
A Summary of Do’s and Don’ts on the Telephone

8. A Sense of Time
As an Individual Commitment
As a Projection of the Image of the Organisation
As a Corporate Promise
Time Across Cultures
Musings: Building Trust, Takes Time

9. Being Discreet – How Much is Too Much?
Musings: On Discretion and the Lack of It
Musings: Discretion in Action
Courteous, Pleasant and Positive
Musings: Vignettes of Courtesy in Different Countries
Key Office Etiquette Tips

10. Entertaining in Business
Power Breakfast
Afternoon Tea

11. Entertaining and Being Entertained
What Do You Do Before, During and After
Musings: Fingers, Forks and Knives
Musings: The Little Things That Count in the Way We Eat
Musings: Coming to the End of the Meal

12. The Cocktail Party – Use and Abuse
Musings: Too Much Alcohol damages Livers and Careers

13. Giving and Receiving Gifts
A Norm in Business or a Bribe?
What you should and should not give

14. Neutral Conversations
The Great Facilitator
Musings: Courtesy with Thoughtfulness

15. Business Etiquette towards Elders and Women

16. Business Etiquette towards Superiors and Clients

17. Business Etiquette with Client Personnel and Subordinates
Musings: ‘After You, Please’
Musings: Universal Rule and Regional Rules

18. Different Strokes for Different Folks
Musings: Some Things Remain the Same
While Some Things Change
Musings: In Global Business, the Key to Success is Your Range of Flexibility
Books on Business Protocol for Further Reading

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