Windows Nt Server 4 (rapidex Condensed User Guide)

Windows Nt Server 4 (rapidex Condensed User Guide)
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Author: Eni - France
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178060132
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Pages: 214
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, is the premier Network Operating System on the market today, delivering robust functionality with the scalability to meet the needs of small, medium, and large organizations.

This title addresses the needs of beginners as well as experienced system and network administrators--providing crucial, concise information required to both improve performance and solve common system problems.

With help of apt illustrations, dialogue boxes and screen shots,and lists, tables, commands, and quick bulleted steps it brings an introduction to the Windows scripting host and shows how to craft a rudimentary script.

Packed with step-by-step instructions, this book reviews installation, set-up and configuration processes.

It also offers tips and warnings to steer you away from trouble.

Ideal at the desk or on the go, from workstation to workstation, this fast-answers guide to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 focuses on what needs to be done in specific scenarios of supporting and managing Windows NT.

Topics covered:

*Overview of Microsoft Windows NT4--running a Windows NT 4.0 system, environment, managing system services,techniques common to all windows applications.

*Introduction of the software--entering and editing text, formatting, printing tools and techniques.
*Paint/Imaging - the graphic application paint, creating and modifying drawings, managing colours, image manager imaging.

*Explorer "hierarchy of drives and folders, managing documents and folders, managing disc drives, managing applications, sharing data.

*Electronic mail--Microsoft exchange, sending and receiving messages.

*Multimedia - CD player, media player, sound recorder.

*Applications - transformation data between applications, DOS applications.

*Configuration - the start menu, the working environment.

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