The Little Manual Of Enlightenment

7 Valuable Tips for Those in search of Awareness
The Little Manual Of Enlightenment

Author: Vikas Malkani
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061412
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Pages: 132
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Want to reach a state of enlightenment?
This little manual tells you how. It is special because the author, a best-selling writer of over 24 books, has studied the subject extensively. He truly believes that enlightenment is the highest goal in life and we should all work towards getting there. This book takes the reader on an unforgettable spiritual quest.

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About the Author(s)

Vikas Malkani has been called many things over the years: Spiritual Guru, Zen Master, Motivator, Mystic, Rich Monk, Soul Coach and Reiki Master, to name a few. Other than that he is the founder of SoulCentre and a best-selling author. Vikas forte is to make ancient wisdom simple to understand and easy to apply to create a life of health, harmony and abundance on all levels. A gifted orator, he is a keynote speaker at many international conferences and summits.


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1. Do Not be in a Hurry
2. Stay Empty
3. Believe!
4. Accept Responsibility
5. Light the Fire
6. Allow the Universe to Reflect You
7. Take the Bite

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Sample Chapters

(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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Do Not be in a Hurry Without strong roots, a tree cannot bear good fruit. Or, imagine a very tall building, which is built by adding one floor upon another: it is only as strong as the foundation that holds it.
If your grounding in the basics of spiritual awareness and knowledge is not strong, then everything else that you add on to it as you progress in your own evolution has a chance of crumbling with pressure or confusion.
Most of us live out a conditioned behaviour about life itself as we run it as a blind race that we see everyone around us running. It is this same tendency that we adhere to when we enter the realm of spirituality; we take it to be a race.
In any race of the external world, whether it is a race for money or fame or power or even a race for relationships, we attempt to finish something or acquire the maximum in the shortest and fastest way possible. Since we are so conditioned and comfortable with running races in the outside world, we carry the same tendency with us when we enter the world of our inner life. We enter into the realm of spiritual wisdom and all we want to do is hurry to the end.
Once the foundation is laid and stands strong in its own being, it can support great height upon itself.
In total contrast to this, my Master would remind me repeatedly, Do not be in a hurry, especially in the beginning. Make sure that your foundation, your root, your beginning, is very, very strong. When that is strong, then everything that is added on to that is already standing on a firm footing.
Once the foundation is laid and stands strong in its own being, it can support great height upon itself.
At this point, some of you may say that you pray and meditate regularly, you have read all the scriptures, you accept that divinity is literally everywhere and in everything, then why does it take so long for our realisation or experience of it?
This is the first requisite of a seeker-never, ever, be in a rush. Keep in mind that enlightenment happens often when you least expect it. But it will happen, you will arrive at this state of nirvana, take my word for it.

As an initial step, you should, at all times, be open to receive the light of God's wisdom. You should be full of longing for it; you must yearn to connect with your Creator.
Sri Ramakrishna, the enlightened Indian Master, had narrated the story of a disciple who asked his teacher to help him see God. To this, the guru replied that if the disciple came with him, he would certainly show him God. He took the disciple to a lake and both of them entered the water. Suddenly, the teacher pressed the disciples head under water. He released him after a few moments and asked him how he felt. The disciple replied,Oh! I thought I would die; I was panting for breath. I could think of nothing else.
The wise teacher then said, When you feel like that for God, then you will know that you haven't long to wait for His vision.
Be desperate for the light that comes with God and you will surely see it. Crave for it as you would for none other. Realise that divinity is everywhere; there is no place where God is not present. This is the truth and all the scriptures of the world state it.
The Upanishads are ancient manuals on the spiritual journey and the nature of divinity that were written thousands of years ago by enlightened teachers. I am certain that many of you who have read these scriptures are familiar with the concept mentioned in the Upanishads: There was only One and the One became the many.
The Bible says, "The kingdom of heaven is within you." In the ancient scriptures of India it is written, God is within and without. And the beautiful Upanishads reiterate, There is only One and the One is everywhere and in everything!
If this were the truth, then this would mean that God is within you but, at the same time, outside of you, everywhere around you and in everything, too. You can find the Creator in the person that you see before you in this moment, in the entire nature around you and in every small part of the universe.
Different religions state the same truth in different ways. The Bible, supporting this belief, states, First there was the word. And the word was with God. And the word was God.
In the Upanishads it is stated as an experienced truth that essentially there was only One before everything else and that One became the many. And once the One has multiplied into the many, what do the many do? Well, the many merge back to the One. The seers say that this is, in fact, the process of the beginning and the end of the whole cycle of creation.

But, the real question for someone on the path to the truth is this: If there was only One, and the One became two and the two became many, what is stopping us from going back? Why cant we reach our source?
What keeps us away from God or our true self? Why is it not possible to have this realisation of the eternal divinity right now? What prevents this union between man and God? Why cannot the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Creator and the source of all things, even of me, reveal itself to me in this very moment?
There are many people before us who have had this realisation, who have experienced the divine. Then why not us? Why not now? Why do we need to wait?
Why is it not possible in this very instant?
Or is it?
This is a very relevant question and something that we need to answer for ourselves. But before we can move on we must know one thing very clearly: What are we after?
We are after the final realisation of our true self, our merging into the divine.

We want to know what God is, who and what am I. We want to know all that is around us. We want the final merging into totality, the union of our small limited selves into the limitless.
We want the experience of Jesus, the nirvana of the Buddha and the samadhi of Patanjali.
We want total and limitless unconditional love. We want the light of knowledge. We want liberty; a complete freedom from all the chains of our mind. We want to see and know that we are life eternal. We want to know our nature as true laughter; bliss and joy without measure.
Is it not possible to have this realisation right now? And if not, then we must know why not?
Remember, what keeps us away from this experience in this very moment is our own concept of a separate self. As long as I keep thinking and identifying with myself as I, I will not be able to cross my own boundaries and see my source. I cannot meet God unless I can give up I altogether.

I cannot attain enlightenment unless I leave the I behind. The gap between the probable and the possible is only as large as we make it.
American tennis coach Vic Braden had once observed, The moment of enlightenment is when a persons dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities.” Let there be no boundaries between the what is and what can be in your mind. Yes, you can give up yourself right here, right now. And by doing that, you arrive at your true potential.
Now is the best time to wake up to a higher knowledge. It is also the best time to connect with the wisdom of the Creator. You have to understand that if there is only One, then there is nothing else. If there is only one Creator, which became the many, even then, there is nothing else. That One exists in the many.
If there is only one ocean, then all the drops of water from that ocean, no matter how numerous, carry the essential qualities of the ocean itself. In fact, every drop of water is a miniature ocean by itself.
The way I see it, we are like waves; we are a part of the ocean, an intrinsic part, no doubt, for the ocean is our source. We are all one for we all spring from the same source.

How difficult is it to realise this? Also, how difficult is it to know this?
It is as difficult as we want it to be! We can spend an entire lifetime understanding this truth before we accept it, or we can simply accept it in this moment.
It is up to us. What stops us from accepting this truth of divinity is our identification with our own small self. As long as the drop of water continues to hold on and identify with its identity as a drop, it can never merge itself into the ocean. In other words, it can never become the ocean.
As long as we are full of our own thinking, our own ideas, our own preconceived notions about life, about people, even about God, as long as we identify with this identity of each of us being a separate person and different from everyone else in our universe, we dont have space within us for God to enter.
This space inside, the silence that exists in the recesses of our soul, is where we can hope to find our Creator. But do this seeking slowly, one deep breath following another equally deep one. Somewhere between these deep breaths you will connect with your God and understand the wisdom of God. And the world will change forever.

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