How Your Personality Makes Or Breaks Your Child - A Self Assessment Guide For Parents

How Your Personality Makes Or Breaks Your Child - A Self Assessment Guide For Parents

Author: Dr. Chayanika Singh
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178063348
Code: U3348
Pages: 184
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Published: 1970
Publisher: Unicorn Books
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"Who parents the parents?
There are various factors both positive and negative which exert influence over a child’s behaviour. We, as parents, make a lot of mistakes in the way we rear our children, and some of these mistakes are unavoidable. Our innocence or ignorance may turn a child with an innocent mind into a difficult child!
We need to identify the repercussions of our own problems on our children, and look for ways to overcome them. If not, then we run the risk of our children going astray.
The objective of the book is not to instill any fear in parents or would-be parents. The author’s aim is in the direction of imparting discipline to parents and also to shed light on the problems and issues of parents.
This book is an opportunity to introspect, because everyone has unique problems, and has to manage their own behaviour and consequently their children accordingly. The book serves as a mirror through which you can view yourself truly and clearly. It is full of tips on how to manage ourselves, small children and adolescents too!

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About the Author(s)

Dr. Chayanika Singh has extensive experience in harmonizing parent-child relationships and dealing with behavioural problems of children, through counselling and therapy sessions. She has been very successful in correcting conduct problems in children by inculcating effective parenting and supervision techniques, through education of parents and teachers. She has been attached with various reputed schools in Kolkata as a student counsellor. She has presented her papers on parent-child relationships in various national and international conferences in Melbourne (Australia), Miami (USA), AIIMS and IIT Khargpur.

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