How To Dot Com

How To Dot Com
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Author: Jay Conrad Levinson
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178060086
Code: 9208D
Pages: 279
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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Isn't this book all about launching the Next Big Thing? No! It's about building businesses on the Internet.

Today, of course, the dream is to come up with another new Amazon or Yahoo - but just possibly that's the wrong dream.

This book reveals the best ways to avoid the pitfalls while unleashing the full money-making potential of the Internet.

So,whether you own a conventional brick-and-mortar business and want to take it online, or you are starting from the scratch as a netpreneur only, this smart handy guide will teach you how to create a successful dotcom business including-
*site building and design *generating publicity...and *attracting customers and investors.

Highlights include:
*Money saving site-building tools and tricks.
*Q & As with five builders of low-cost sites including Michael Thomas (One, Mike Lannon (, and Fernando Espuelas (Starmedia Network).
*Must Know e-commerce bookmarks.
*Tips for upping traffic with free content.
* CEO Guy Kawasaki's advice for obtaining funding.
*Interviews, i.e., "e-chats" with CEOs: Mark Lorimer (Autobytel), Andrea Reisman (Petopia), Peter Neupert (, Rick Braddock (Priceline), and other Net achievers.

The book also reveals the A to Z of taking your idea through funding. Building partnerships, launching, getting more funding, winning eyeballs, and laughing all the way to the bank...with smart tips such as:
*Smart Tip: Bright ideas you want to remember.
*Beware! : Pitfalls and potholes you want to avoid.
*Budget Watcher: Money-saving ideas and practices.
*Opportunity knocks: Pointers on where to look for online opportunities.

Also read into the book, for a sampling of the strategies B2B websites are pursuing, viz.,,,,

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