Four Trines In Vedic Astrology

Four Trines In Vedic Astrology

Author: Lakshmi Narayan Sharma
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061979
Code: 9705A
Pages: 295
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Past few decades have witnessed a phenomenal upsurge in receptiveness to principles and applications of Vedic or Indian astrology in everyday life. Despite this growing acceptance, many continue to associate it with dogmas and superstitions. The book Four Trines of Vedic Astrology provides sound evidences and aims to remove the cobwebs of ignorance.Written in a simple and lucid language over nine chapters, the author has identified the right place of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha houses in one’s birth chart. No book has ever been written that relates predictions of houses (Bhavas) in the form of four trines:
1. First trine Purush Trine (Dharma houses) relates to 1st, 5th and 9th houses.
2. Second trine Aishwarya Trine (Artha houses) relates to 10th, 2nd and 6th houses.
3. Third trine Prakrati Trine (Kama houses) relates to 7th, 11th and 3rd houses.
4. Fourth trine Vairagya Trine (Moksha houses) relates to 4th, 8th and 12th houses.
Constellations, signs and planets and their characteristics, casting of birth charts in Indian and Western style, significance of yogas and other aspects of life such as, longevity, education, business or service, marriage, financial position, foreign travels, health and remedial measures etc have been explained in the most unconventional way that even a novice would find tempted to read further.

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About the Author(s)

Lakshmi Narayan Sharma was born in Alwar (Rajasthan) on 18th October 1935 but for the past 60 years has been residing in Gurgaon (Haryana). Right since his early days he displayed great interest towards religion, spirituality and astrology. He spent over three decades serving the education department of Haryana and retired as a gazetted officer. For his contribution to social services he was honoured by the governor of Haryana. He also had the distinction to be the editor of 'Jansankhya Shiksha', a departmental magazine of the education department. The present book “Four Trines in Vedic Astrology' is his second work on astrology. The first one 'Jyotish Pradeep' in Hindi was accepted well in the market and is now running into second edition.


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1.Indian Astrology is Vedic Astrology
2.Constellations, Signs of Zodiac, Planets
3.Birth Chart (Janam Kundli) and Houses (Bhavas)
4.First Trine Purush Trine (1st, 5th, 9th Dharma Houses)
5.Second Trine Aishwarya Trine (2nd, 6th, 10th Artha Houses)
6.Third Trine Prakrati Trine (3rd, 7th, 11th Kama Houses)
7.Fourth Trine Vairagya Trine (4th, 8th, 12th Moksha Houses)
8.Significance of Yogas (Combinations)
9.Life Related Important Aspects
Glossary of Vedic words

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Sample Chapters

(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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6.1 What is Prakrati Trine? Related houses
This is the third trine consisting of seventh, eleventh and third houses (bhavas). They show boldness (parakram), initiative, relations with the life partner, pleasures, procreation, earnings and prosperity in life. They indicate success, status, honour, dignity, mentality and one's over all personality. Are we intelligent and knowledgeable? Are we healthy, wealthy and famous in the society? Are we enjoying fun and pleasures, luxuries and riches in life? Are we modern and fashionable? How is one's nature and temperament? How does one behave with others? Is one a person of character and morality? As already stated Seventh, Eleventh and Third houses come in the category of Kama houses. First we will take over all effects of third house, then proceed to the seventh and eleventh houses. Please see Figure 6.1 (F-5) at the end of Chapter.

6.2 Third house (Bhratra Bhava)
This House is known as Bhratra bhava / Parakram bhava (House of siblings and courage). Though it is one of trishadaya (3, 6, 11) houses yet is also called house of growth. The third bhava shows enterprises and ventures hence it is the house of growth. It indicates mental abilities, studies, intelligence, firmness, boldness, energy, courage, younger brothers / sisters / neighbours, short journeys, communication, expression, writings, contracts, change of residence, passions, desires and happiness in person’s life. It is the first house of Kama (fun and pleasures). If the owner or occupying planet is well placed with strong benefics, person may get such benefits and gains in its mahadasha /anterdasha of 3rd house owner. Planet Mars, the significator (Karak) is very close to this house.

6. 3 Owner of third house in various houses
In first house
(i) Powerful - He will be lean but tall, brave, and courageous. He may earn money through music, dancing, or acting. He may be a good actor.
(ii) Weak - He will be cruel, quarrelsome and man of loose morals. He may have bad relations. He may be poor and stupid.

In second house
(i) Powerful - If the owner of 2nd house is benefic, he may be fortunate, wealthy and happy.
(ii) Weak - This is not a favourable position. The person will be poor and short lived. He may take undue risks and incur losses.

In third house
(i) Powerful - If owner of 3rd bhava is in its own house as a natural benefic, the person will be brave, courageous, friendly and religious. He will gain money through government. He will be happy and healthy. He will have nice brothers and sisters.
(ii) Weak - If a malefic is the owner of 3rd bhava or occupies 3rd bhava, he will have sour relations with his younger brothers and sisters.

In fourth house
(i) Powerful - If owner of the 3rd bhava is in 4th house, his life will overall be happy. He will be rich. He will gain ancestral property. His brothers may also help him.
(ii) Weak - If Mars is weak, he will lose all his property, house and vehicles etc. He himself may rebel against his parents. His domestic life may be unhappy. He may have inimical relations with mother.

In fifth house
(i) Powerful - He may be less educated but intelligent. He may have favour from the government. He may be financially strong due to his own children and brothers.
(ii) Weak - He may have frictions in the family. His learning and education will suffer.

In sixth house
(i) Powerful - He will be respected in society. He will help his brothers. One of his younger brothers may be in army or be a physician. They will be successful in their jobs. If owner of 6th house joins the owner of 3rd bhava in 6th house, he may be a good sportsman and athlete.
(ii) Weak - If owner of 3rd bhava with the owner of 6th occupies 6th house, he may suffer with long-term illness. His enemies may also hurt him. He may not have good relations with his brothers.

In seventh house
(i) Powerful - He will be fortunate to have a good life partner. He will have cordial relations with his brothers. If owner of 7th house occupies lagna, one of his brothers may go abroad.
(ii) Weak - His life partner will be of loose morals. He may be desperate and discontented in his professional life. He may have accidents while traveling.

In eighth house
(i) Powerful - He will be long lived. He will get success in career and become wealthy.
(ii) Weak - He will suffer from a long-term disease and injure his hands. He may lose his courage. His younger brother may die early. He may be unhappy with his near and dear ones.

In ninth house
(i) Powerful - His brothers will prosper and help and respect him. He may take long journeys for improving his status. He may be fortunate after marriage.
(ii) Weak - This is not a good position. He may have differences with his brothers and father.

In tenth house
(i) Powerful - This is a favourable position. He will be intelligent and fortunate. He will prosper and get help and honour from the government. If owner of 10th house conjoins 3rd house owner or aspects it, he will get good success in his profession.
(ii) Weak - His life partner will be aggressive and violent. His domestic life may be unhappy.

In eleventh house
(i) Powerful - His hard working habits will bestow him status and prosperity. His brothers may also help him.
(ii) Weak - He will be lazy and always dependent on his brothers. He may be frequently ill or sickly.

In twelfth house
(i) Powerful - He will be fortunate and happy after marriage. His younger brother may go abroad.
(ii) Weak - He will be jealous and aggressive. One of his brothers may also be violent. He may face sorrows, misfortunes, unhappiness, and ups and downs in his service.

6.4 Planets occupying third house

(i) Positive - If Sun is posited in 3rd house, it is a strong position. The person will be brave, bold, courageous, resourceful, and successful. He will be famous in his field. Government may honour him for his good deeds. He may be an author or a poet.
(ii) Negative - He will be unhappy with his brothers. They will not give him any credit or respect.

(i) Positive - He will be knowledgeable, religious, bold, active, and always fond of traveling. He will not be stable in his profession. He will look after his younger brothers and sisters. His family life will be peaceful and happy.
(ii) Negative - He may be miser, cruel, and irreligious and lose his peace of mind.

(i) Positive - Mars is the significator (karak) of 3rd house. It makes the person brave, courageous, specialist in many fields and famous in the community.
(ii) Negative - Relations with younger brothers and sisters will not be cordial. He may be harsh and violent in nature. He may commit suicide.

(i) Positive - He will be courageous, tactful, and proficient in his work. He may be fond of reading books. He may enjoy short travels. He may be a successful trader and a good neighbour. He may be a poet, an author or a publisher.
(ii) Negative - He may be sick and his nervous system may break down.

5. Jupiter
(i) Positive - The person will be learned in religious books (Shastras). He will be optimistic and religious. He may travel to distant places. He may have many siblings and good friends. He will earn respect everywhere.
(ii) Negative - He will be miser and suffer from ill health. He will be unable to take advantage of opportunities. He would lack in initiative and courage.

6. Venus
(i) Positive - He will be knowledgeable and happy, fortunate and wealthy. He will undertake journeys and become successful in his business.
(ii) Negative - He will be lazy and miser. He will lack vigour and vitality. He will be poor. He may pass through scandals. He may have more sisters.

7. Saturn
(i) Positive - He will be healthy, active and hard working. He will be wealthy. He may join politics and become a leader in the city. He will defeat his enemies. Government might honour him.
(ii) Negative - He will lose his high position. His brothers may also suffer from miseries and misfortunes.

8. Rahu
(i) Positive - He will be intelligent and learned. He will love his birthplace and reside there till life. He may be long lived.
(ii) Negative - He will hate his brothers. People will criticize him on his views and new ideas.

9. Ketu
(i) Positive - He will be brave, bold, courageous and earn lot of wealth. He may be quiet modern and fashionable.
(ii) Negative - He may suffer injury to arms or neck. He may not have any brother or happiness from the brother.

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