Forgiveness - How Difficult It Is!

Forgiveness - How Difficult It Is!

Author: A. P. Parashar
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178064000
Code: U4000
Pages: 96
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"People often hurt others on account of ill-wills or self-pride and usually inflict pain on others by hurting words. This process of hurting each other goes on endlessly without thinking how to end it and get redeemed. They don't know that seeking forgiveness is the only way to come out of this whirlpool of revengeful situation.

In fact, seeking forgiveness is the only excellent way of getting one liberated from the pain of being hurt. When we forgive, we really don't forgive the other person, we forgive ourselves to get peace and liberation from the hurting feelings.

When Buddha left his wife, Yashodhera and son Rahul sleeping in the middle of the night, to attain freedom from the worldly attachments and to lead a life of a hermit, he could not forget the hurt he inflicted to them as he went away without telling anyone. Even after he became a great saint and attained Enlightenment, the pain of hurting them remained within him. In order to become free from that pain by asking her and his father's forgiveness, he went to see them when he camped with his retinue near Kapilabastu, his father's kingdom. Thus, by visiting all these people, he sought their forgiveness though never discussed it with them.

Most people who hurt others by their misdeeds never even think about how they torture others by their misdemeanor, and go on celebrating their victory about their endeavour by defeating their opponent, but within themselves they always stay highly disturbed for causing pain to them. Even the murderers who are put on the gallows when caught and punished to be hanged, during their final moments ask God's forgiveness against their ills.

The moment we sincerely seek forgiveness, we get relieved of the pain that had been there within us for so long. That is the only way to stay happy, at peace and to get salvation before we go finally to God's house.

Archbishop Tutu rightly said: Forgiving is not forgetting; it's actually remembering---remembering not using your right to hit back. Therefore, try to stay calm and pray to forget and forgive.

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