Endangered Animals Of The World

For the first time, a well-illustrated collection of over 100 threatened animals
Endangered Animals Of The World

Author: Vikas Khatri
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061092
Code: 9326B
Pages: 158
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Published: 2006
Publisher: Unicorn Books
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This rare book turns spotlight on world's endangered animals, and captures them in their natural splendour. It gives an in-depth analysis of many threatened species, such as, Polar bear, Black buck, Giant panda, Black rhinoceros, Brazilian tapir, platypus etc, living on this planet.
Packed with information and based on the observation of leading naturalists, the book discusses threadbare these animals habitat, scientific name, family, food and area of location. It enlightens the readers about the preservation of these species and creates awareness about their role for the harmonious sustenance of the mother planet.
Lavishly peppered with illustrations, it will leave you hungry for more.

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About the Author(s)

Vikas Khatri was born in Saskatoon, Canada, in 1970. He has inherited quite a number of traits from his parents who have worked and lived in 40 different countries across the globe. Besides being a professional wildlife photographer, he is a strong advocate of environmental pollution control. Decline in international fauna and flora is his main concern. He has travelled to many countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He is a fine culinary connoisseur, philatelist and a very keen numismatic.

He has already contributed about 2000 articles on various subjects in several national magazines and newspapers. After writing a number of books for both adult and children, he became a household name with the publication in 2005 of a set of a books on world folktales.

He has written several books including many on supernatural powers. His publications include, Endangered Animals of the World, Unsolved Mysteries of Universe, Incredible Coincidences, Alien Abductions, Dreams and Premonitions, Mysterious Monsters, True Ghost Stories, UFO Enigma, Alien Encounters, etc.


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1. Aardwolf
2. Addax
3. Maned Wolf or Aguara Guazu
4. Giant Anteater
5. Royal Antelope
6. Barbary Sheep or Aoudad
7. Chimpanzee
8. White-Handed Gibbon or Lar
9. Orangutan
10. Asiatic Wild Ass or Onager
11. Babirusa
12. Gelada Baboon
13. Mandrill
14. Wrinkle-Faced, or Lattice-Winged Bat
15. Large Mouse-Eared Bat
16. Asiatic Black Bear
17. Polar Bear
18. Sloth Bear
19. Black Buck
20. Water Buffalo
21. Bactrian Camel
22. Cheetah
23. Clouded Leopard
24. European Wild Cat
25. Jaguar
26. Leopard
27. Ocelot
28. Snow Leopard or Ounce
29. Tiger
30. Pacarana
31. Giant Panda
32. Pygmy Hippopotamus
33. Volcano Rabbit
34. Golden-Bellied Water Rat
35. Black Rhinoceros
36. White Rhinoceros
37. Mainland Serow
38. American Bighorn, Mountain Sheep
39. Two-Toed Sloth
40. Three-Toed Sloth
41. Eastern Fox Squirrel
42. Tassel-Eared Squirrel
43. Himalayan Tahr
44. Takin
45. Brazilian Tapir
46. Philippine Tarsier
47. Malayan Tapir
48. Tiger Cat
49. Vicuna
50. Beluga or White Whale
51. Humpback Whale
52. Gray Wolf
53. Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
54. Yak
55. Chinese Water Deer
56. Dhole, Red Dog
57. African or Cape Hunting Dog
58. Banded Duiker
59. Platypus, Duckbill
60. African Elephant
61. Fanaloka
62. Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Forester, Great Grey Kangaroo
63. Fossa
64. Kit Fox
65. Addra, or Dama Gazelle
66. Guanaco
67. Hippopotamus
68. Wild Horse
69. Southern Potoroo, Long-Nosed Rat Kangaroo
70. Koala
71. Crested-Tailed Marsupial Rat, Kowari
72. Greater Kudu
73. Ring-Tailed Lemur
74. Black Lemur
75. Gray Mouse Lemur
76. Potto
77. Slow Loris
78. Lion-Tailed Macaque
79. West Indian Manatee
80. Markhor
81. Golden Lion Marmoset, Golden Lion Tamarin
82. Pygmy Marmoset
83. Pine Marten
84. Suricate, Meerkat
85. Black-and-White Colobus Monkey
86. Night Monkey, Owl Monkey
87. Owl-Faced Monkey
88. Proboscis Monkey
89. Red Uakari
90. Woolly Monkey
91. Musk Ox
92. Okapi
93. Brushtail Possum
94. Yapok, Water Opossum
95. Leadbeater's Possum
96. Giant Otter
97. Eurasian Otter
98. Dugong
99. Bush Dog
100. Gaur
101. Musk Deer
102. Chinkara
103. Great Indian Bustard
104. Black Partridge

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Sample Chapters

(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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Aardwolf is the Afrikaans (South African Dutch) word for earth wolf, which looks like a hyaena, but has a family of its own.
The aardwolf resembles the striped hyaena and is often mistaken for one, but it is smaller. The coat is yellow to dark brown with several dark vertical stripes. On the back, from the neck to the tail, a stripe of long dark hair forms an erect mane, which makes the aardwolf look larger than it actually is. The ears are narrow, pointed and long. The legs also have dark stripes running across them. There are five clawed toes on each front foot and four on each hind foot. This animal grows slightly smaller than a yard long with another 12 inches for the tail. It can weigh up to 9 pounds.
This animal is nocturnal, so not much is known about it. It is generally solitary, shy and elusive. It is often seen in pairs or small packs. The aardwolf feeds on insects, mainly termites and larvae but will eat rodents occasionally. When attacked, it instantly raises the crest on its back, takes up a sideways stance to the attacker and emits a strong unpleasant odour from its anal glands.
The female gives birth to two to four young in a burrow that has been borrowed from the ant-eating aardvark. The females will form small groups in which the young are raised collectively.
The aardwolf used to be considered a member of Hyaena family, but has been placed in a family of its own because of major differences in its teeth.
Location: Eastern and southern Africa.
Habitat: Savanna and arid, open plains.
Scientific Name: Proteles cristatus.
Family: Protelidae.

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