Dictionary Of Metaphors

A Dictionary of 4,000 Picturesque Idiomatic Expressions
Dictionary Of Metaphors

Author: Nick Renton
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061733
Code: 9433A
Pages: 788
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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Metaphors improve speech and writing by conveying shades of meaning more succinctly than ordinary phrases. The modern English language is remarkably full of metaphors. This fascinating book discusses metaphors in some detail. An entertaining introduction leads into a dictionary of metaphors, a thematic section and a thesaurus. It contains over 17,000 alphabetical entries listing more than 4,000 commonly found metaphors and setting out their meanings in an easy to read style. This handy word-book with its highly original format will appeal to all lovers of language, as well as to writers, editors, publishers, students, migrants and those engaged in public speaking. It is an essential reference for libraries and educational institutions. The book also provides raw material for many specialist applications, including party games, advertising copy, English as a second language and crossword puzzles. Here is a dictionary and thesaurus of metaphors which is both a practical guide to meaning and a stimulus to enquiry. Only a person in love with words could have compiled it Dame Leonie Kramer

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About the Author(s)

The author, Nick Renton, a consulting actuary, is a practising writer who has published over 50 books. He is well known for his highly professional guides on meetings procedure and voluntary associations and for his many books and articles on investment, retirement and taxation issues. His love of the English language and his fine ear for detail has enabled him to produce this very entertaining book.

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