Come Out Of The Crowd

Come Out Of The Crowd
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Author: Sandeep Mitra
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178062310
Code: 9728E
Pages: 78
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Published: 1970
Publisher: Unicorn Books
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The book contains highly inspirational thoughts that may propel you to go ahead in life.
The reader who goes through the book passionately, may find it not only inspirational but also torch bearing, showing the path in the complexities of life and will make you go ahead of the masses.
This book answers the questions:
How can one be recognized?
Why does one live his whole life as one among the crowd?
Doesn’t one have the capability to go very high in life?
The author answers these questions, and many more things, in a simple way, and that will, indeed inspire you to 'Come out of the Crowd'.

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About the Author(s)

Sandeep Mitra, the author, is a management graduate and an entrepreneur by profession. He has great aptitude as well as interest in Economics and Management. He believes that our focus should always be on giving our best in whatever profession we are into. Through his debut book, he has made a sincere attempt to write on what matters the common man most!


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1. Come out of the crowd
2. Thought
3. Motivation
4. Direction
5. Relationships
6. Failures
7. Actualization

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Sample Chapters

(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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What does success mean to you? How do you define “Success”?
This book is about any normal human being whose life is full of innumerable complexities. Everyday, life is like a battle for him, be it on the social, economic or emotional front. He seems to be forever caught up in a maze and totally lost in the crowd. What with life getting ever so commercial,he seems to be involved in a race. A race for money!“Let money follow you rather than you following the money”. We should always strive to do good acts. Money will follow subsequently.
MONEY -> WE -> PASSION FOR QUALITY WORK This precept has a deep meaning. Let me explain it to you. It does not mean that money is not required or not essential in life. In fact, money is a motivator in everybody’s life. However, when we focus on making money alone and on accumulating huge amount of wealth, we tend to ignore the quality aspect and thus compromise in giving our best. In the haste to hoard money, we tend to make false commitments, tell lies and drag others down to reach high in life
How can we then consider ourselves successful?
Today, most of us eye only the hefty pay packages and targets without realizing our own strength. Therefore,we gradually become stagnant after attaining a respectable level.
Seldom does one think about the work profile or the kind of thrill our job offers. We have rather become slaves of the pay packages; working mechanically from morning until late night to accomplish our targets.
We may get rich, but no one knows the real ‘us’. For, we are still lost in the crowd.
So how can we differentiate ourselves from others?
How do we COME OUT OF THE CROWD?If we want to stand out of the masses, we need to work qualitatively. We need to be passionate for our profession. If we focus on giving our best, money and fame would follow by itself.The passion for good work is like a Provident Fund that keeps on accumulating. One day we may have a huge amount in the form of respect, recognition and self actualization that nobody can take away from us. Thus, we may differentiate ourselves from others and would find ourselves coming out distinctly from the crowd.We invest in properties, estates, and stocks to make money (Probably blindly following others). One day we may feel ourselves to be on the top of the world by being, say, a millionaire/billionaire. But it is also likely that we may see bad days and everything falling apart and all our hard-earned money getting wiped out.
Therefore, we should invest in our work, in enhancing our knowledge, in acquiring skills, in innovating and improvising our work effectiveness so that we reach the zenith in our profession.So, we should be recognized by the quality of our work, rather than by the quantity of money we possess. Let us be leaders and set standards for others to follow.We all know Sachin Tendulkar, the cricket wizard, one of the greatest batsmen in the world. He started playing cricket since childhood and at a meagre age of 16 years, he proved his genius to the whole world. We have seen him regularly improving himself and contributing a lot for the team—age notwithstanding. It is the passion to excel that made him a highly successful player. We all know that how success has followed him and may continue to do so.We need to challenge ourselves. For example, in a fitness centre or gym, we daily challenge ourselves by working hard. We try to get better and healthier day by day. Similarly, we may also get better in life when we challenge ourselves in our respective profession. We need to have the hunger for more and more developments.

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