Can Is The Word Of Power

A confidence building approach for millions of young minds
Can Is The Word Of Power

Author: Barendra Kumar
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061153
Code: 9334E
Pages: 276
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Inspiration and Motivation, undoubtedly increases effectiveness and efficiency. Thus it is far more essential for the young minds of the nation than anybody else to help them DREAM BIG, AIM HIGH for improvements, innovations and inventions, which can be possible by strong positive thought, acquisition of creative/inventive ideas and its execution according to strategic plan of action for the peace, progress and prosperity of self and society.
Can is...Power not only advocates the same, but also covers all aspects of personal growth - spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and inspires to make a successful career to build a meaningful life. Needless to say, it is equally useful for average to excelling students, as well as their custodians/well wishers.
This book, for self-analysis, improvement and success, with hundreds of inspirational quotes and hints of stories of different event makers, from different countries - past and present - to expand the databank, will surely induce success thinking for better personal life, yielding to greater national living.

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About the Author(s)

The author is a new-age motivational author and speaker with a keen interest to address the needs of young minds. With years of experience of interacting with the young and not so young minds in different environments, his concern for them induced him to work full-time as a motivator and a writer.


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SECTION - I You Can Have More of You
1. CAN is the Word of Power
2. CAN is a Decision
3. CAN for a Successful Career, Meaningful life
4. CAN for Better Education, Better Knowledge
5. CAN for a Better Nation
6. Can in Use
7. CAN or Can't

SECTION - II You Can Build A Better You
1. Believe in God
2. Know Your Purpose
3. Care for Your Body
4. Honour Your Parents, Educators, Counsellors
Parents, Teachers, Counsellors, Please !!!
Educators Please !!!
5. Manage Your Mind
6. Develop Your Attitude
7. Refine Your Friendships
8. Learn Your Manners
9. Value Your Character
10. Know Yourself

SECTION - III You Can Yield A Greater You
1. You too Can Decide
2. You too Can Dream
3. You too Can Achieve

Now....Start to ACT
1. Be Courageous
Be courageous to accept responsibility, to act
Be courageous to face obstructions
Be courageous to endure
2. Be Enthusiastic
3. Be Committed
4. Be Optimistic
5. Be Disciplined
6. Be Competent
7. Be Persistent

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Sample Chapters

(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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CAN is the word of POWER

Did is a word of Achievement,
Won't is a word of Retreat,
Might is a word of Bereavement,
Can't is a word of Defeat,
Ought is a word of Duty,
Try is a word of the Hour,
Will is a word of Beauty,
Can is a word of Power.



Can is a magic word. It has the power to do anything.... do everything. It changes things, changes people, changes places. It helps in inventions, in discoveries, in progress, in advancements. It removes obstructions, strikes hindrances, dilutes barriers. It changes seemingly impossible into possible. It changes poverty into riches. It changes weak into healthy. It changes miserable into joyful. It develops courage, gives strength, builds conviction, induces action for a great cause, and helps to achieve your goal.

Can programs your mind, Can makes you believe,
to accomplish.... to achieve....
Mahatma Gandhi brought freedom for India,
Edison invented the electric bulb,
Fleming discovered Pencillin,

What do you think helps you dare having sufficient opportunities or having the power of can? Yes, CAN helps you to dare to THINK...Think that you can. Believe that you can. Act as if you can....Do something good, something great, for yourself, for your family, for your community, for your country...for the world...

When you think and accept strongly, you empower your belief, which changes your feelings and consequently your response. Obviously, when response changes, your effort changes and thus.....your result.....your goal.....your destiny.

Look at yourself, the clothes you wear, the bike you ride, the television you watch, the cellular phone you talk into...could be possible...because the people behind them thought they can.
The industries, the businesses, the entrepreneurship, the medicines, the pacemaker, the kidney transplantation... could be possible because somebody thought he CAN.

From wheel to abacus, from printing press to rockets, from microscope to submarine, from photography to telegraph, from synthetic fibre to audiotape, from fax to video, from laser to computer...could be made available.....

The Pyramids of Egypt ....The Great Wall of China.... The magnificent Taj Mahal could be possible.....
Because somebody strived hard, some people tried hard, believing that they can... so they could.
The power of belief helped Vasco Da Gama to see the land, beyond the sea,
It helped Henry Ford to put people on wheels,
It helped Nelson Mandela to abolish apartheid.
Believe in the Power of Can.......
Believe in the power of belief.
It can energise you to live a the fullest,
yes, a life...not merely an existence.

We live in a marvellous age;
Live in it!
Too many of us just exist in it.

Martin Panzer

Live for a successful career, a meaningful life. Don't live a life as because you have no reason to die. Believe to improve in studies, to better in career and yield greater in life. Don't believe in those people who do not believe in the power of belief. Their favourite word is can't. The people in favour of can't do not find anything good, do not feel anything good, do not do anything good. They blame others, blame circumstances, blame their inactivities. They do not dare to believe and do not try to make something happen to them. They do not dare even to wish... to do something.

They know that Man has landed on the moon,
they know that Man has invented the computer,
they know that there are achievements and achievers...
they know that they are also human beings...

Still, when it comes to them, they dare not. They feel and utter... can't. They are for defeat. But, you can, you all can do miracles, can do wonders because the future belongs to you. Be a lover of can. Can will surely give the courage to lift your score. Can will surely make you determined to brighten your career. Can will surely fill you with power to procure happiness, for more and more.
Fill your mind with the power of CAN. Let it go into your mind and flow through your body. Let it show for others...

Live a meaningful life by achieving a worthy cause, a valuable goal. Do what is necessary, learn what is necessary. Develop yourself, imagine great, dream big, aim high, think success, see progress. You have a brain in your head and you can have a choice in your brain. Decide and go ahead, believing that YOU CAN...

If you persuade yourself that you can do a certain thing, you will do it, however difficult it may be. If, on the contrary, you imagine that you can't do the simplest thing in this world, it is impossible for you to do, and molehills become for you unscalable mountains.
Emile Coue
The time is for you, hold it, hug it. Find a place for yourself, in this universe. Build a life to give a life message. Show your family what you can accomplish! Show your community what your potential is! Show your nation who are you going to be! Make your life a masterpiece. Develop the will and the skill. Take the responsibility and have a turning point in your life. Be sure, your conscious and consistent efforts will make everything possible. At the same time, let us not forget that there is no magic seed, which grows and yields fruit in one day. So to to start with Can. Get ready to get along with CAN and never with can't.

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