Astrology Mystery Unravelled

365 Questions and Answers with Logics
Astrology Mystery Unravelled

Author: Dr. Arun Kumar Trehan & Navin Malhotra
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178064017
Code: U4017
Pages: 335
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Publisher: Unicorn Books
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"Beyond the realms of logic and reason there is always a mysterious world of unknown and we common people are fascinated by it. Albert Einstein once said, “Astrology is a science in itself and it contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it”. Dr. Arun Kumar Trehan is also indebted to astrology. Observing his patients from a very close quarter and listening to their common sayings, 'probably I am suffering because of my past worst deeds', Dr. Trehan, at one point of time decided to indulge in the mysterious world of astrology to sort out the limitations of his profession. Now, after 25 years in astrological research and 40 years in medical practice he has come to the point that astrology begins where medicine ends.

The book Astrology: questions and answers with logics by Dr. Trehan and his associate Shri Navin Malhotra is a commendable step in the direction for making a complex and difficult subject understood by common people. Written in the form of question and answers (there are 365 in all) the book answers the curiosities that evokes in human minds. In simple and lucid language, the answers are supported with ample examples, analysis of horoscopes, effects of planets, the related mantras and remedial measures. Those who intended to pursue career in astrology or those who are pursuing, these 365 questions would definitely help them understand the subject better and to clarify their doubts. Professionals would also find meaningful insights.

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About the Author(s)

"Dr. Arun Kumar Trehan is a medical practioner for the last 40 years. He entered into the world of astrology in 1990. For pursuing Jyotish Praveen, he joined ICAS. This aroused further interest leading to further studies and he completed Jyotish Acharaya with distinction. Dr. Trehan has established Vastu Vidya Mandir for sharing knowledge of different occult sciences like Parashri Astrology, Lal Kitab, Krishnamurty Paddati, Nadi Astrology, Vastu Shashtra, Feng Shui etc. with different astrologers for the benefit of common people.

Shri Navin Malhotra, a Jyotish Deewakar and Vaastu Acharya himself, is Dr. Trehan's associate and has contributed whole heartedly to uplift this initiative to a certain height. Without his active approach this project might not come into the limelight.

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