100 Minutes That Will Change The Way You Live !

Pearls of wisdom
100 Minutes That Will Change The Way You Live !
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Author: Dr. L. Prakash
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061221
Code: 9336B
Pages: 127
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Real life, at times, tends to get mundane and boring.
How to survive against such inertia and overwhelming odds in life is the mool mantra of this unique little book. These "top tips" will help you live life more peacefully and more successfully, whether you are young or old, man or woman, businessman or executive, professional or in service.This is real stuff for real people no lectures, no empty talk, only immensely practical wisdom! That too told in a humorous way by the author who has himself learnt them in the process of surviving some great crises in life, and thus speaks with the authority of personal experience.

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About the Author(s)

Dr. L. Prakash, M.S. (Orth.), M.Ch. (Liverpool), is the Director of the Institute for Special Orthopaedics, Chennai. He has authored 6 professional books, 63 research papers in international journals and is the holder of 42 patents. He is an adventurer, sportsman, magician, inventor, author and scientist. Although life has been unduly harsh on him, his indomitable spirit has turned adversity into opportunity. His rich and varied experiences have found expression in the 56 works of fiction written by him. In this book, the author tells us of the 100 small things that will dramatically change the way we perceive and live life. That too, for the better!


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1. Snobbery does not help
2. Ten asses don't make a horse
3. Change or perish
4. Present unpleasant truths pleasantly
5. Real life is more complex than you think
6. Persistence pays
7. Think before you speak
8. Don't make promises that you cannot fulfil
9. Sometimes you may have to compromise with the boss
10. The offers in your deals must be unambiguous
11. What matters is what can be proven
12. Don't put your foot in your mouth
13. Be extremely wary of tall claims
14. Not all things in life can be bargained
15. Be wary of self-styled consultants
16. Intelligent enemy vs stupid friend
17. One who changes with change survives
18. Do compete but in a healthy way
19. Never underestimate the capabilities of others
20. Avoid stubborn people, don't try to change them
21. If it is too good, there has to be a catch in it
22. Have faith, it helps
23. Corruption and bribes
24. One who grabs the opportunities shall survive
25. Be kind to others, it helps you too
26. The wonders of mutual help
27. Reign in your jealousy, man
28. When in trouble, don't seek the easy way out
29. An idiot can mess up everything avoid him
30. You better accept Murphy Law
31. Beware of all that looks too good
32. Keep expectations high, but not too high
33. Genies are for kids and not for you
34. It is childish to act on impulse
35. Don't fall into the trap of "if he can do it, so can I"
36. Tangential thinking profitable thinking
37. If you are learning something from somebody, learn it fully
38. Savour the love of your loved ones before it is too late
39. The importance of proper data evaluation
40. Talent always costs money
41. Do not follow blindly
42. What not to forget
43. Rules for alcohol
44. There is no use gilding the lily
45. Religion and rituals
46. Appropriate technology when in snow, use a ski
47. Tenacity and determination are keys to success
48. Survivors avoid a holier-than-thou person like the plague
49. One who invites trouble deserves it
50. Help only the truly deserving
51. The power of positive thinking
52. You hold your destiny
53. Destiny
54. The importance of your social obligations
55. If you can't lick them, join them
56. Dont miss the macro picture for the micro picture
57. Dont let stupid rules and regulations make you stupid
58. Look for the real McCoy; dont get fooled by red herrings
59. Learn to read between the lines
60. Impulsiveness kills
61. Intelligence quotient
62. Think before you pay in advance
63. In the poker of life dont play blind
64. Accept your limitations and be happy with them
65. Bad luck is bad luck, accept it
66. Upgrades and upgradation
67. Lakshmana Rekha
69. Prepare for the indirect consequences too
70. Money is important, but not all that important
71. Confidence is good, over-confidence is bad
72. The value of experience
73. Ingenuity
74. Become what you think you are
75. Even copying demands brains
76. Impossible to please
77. Work is worship
78. There is always a third option
79. Get quickly to the crux of the matter
80. Use consultants, but dont let them take you for a ride
81. Club membership
82. One should take calculated risks, but not needless ones
83. Look for the right man for the job
84. When the jab slips, land a hook
85. Tough times dont last, tough guys do
86. Cut the crap
87. Optimal capacity
88. Doing a favour
89. Ignorance is not bliss
90. Value thy freedom
91. A cheap thing is not always a bargain
92. The company you keep
93. Smartness pays
94. Dont hide anything from your doctor and lawyer
95. At the end of everything, there is God
96. Kindness
97. A pig remains a pig
98. Lateral effect
99. Alcohol
100.Formal education is not the same as knowledge

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Sample Chapters

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One should take calculated risks, but not needless ones
A white man had gone to Africa as a tourist. He saw a lovely lake between two villages. The water was tempting. He took off his clothes and took a clean dive. Effortlessly, he swam across to the opposite side where he was greeted by a group of villagers who gazed at him in open-mouthed amazement. The moment he climbed up on the opposite bank, the locals started clapping vigorously and chanted, White man's powerful magic!White man's mighty magic! The tourist was flattered but hastened to correct them. It is no magic. It is called butterfly stroke. It is not difficult at all. I can even teach you how to swim butterfly strokes!
The chief said in a respectful voice, Oh Sir! Butterfly stroke, breast stroke, free stroke, we know it all. But it needs a white man's magic to plunge into a pond with a hundred crocodiles and escape without a scratch. The white man spent the whole day searching a way to go round the lake to fetch his clothes!
A survivor takes only calculated risks and never needless ones. A survivor is a responsible person he is not a kid who eats a bunch of green chillies to impress the girl next door.

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